After six years of sustainable growth, Wellspring Saigon has made remarkable accomplishments that ensure we are absolutely on the right track following our vision and mission.

Our school curriculum is an integration of the rigorous Vietnamese curriculum, the International curriculum and Student Potential programs, with the main focus on incorporating information technology breakthroughs to establish an optimal bilingual learning environment. We also make efforts in developing teaching methodologies and learning experiences essential for student development as pro-active citizens.

Our teaching staff are well-qualified, dedicated, experienced and responsible educators who are highly-committed to teaching and to students.

Our school campus is purpose-built with a comprehensive range of academic, sports and recreational facilities to meet international education standards.

Our facility is located in the safety and modern Saigon Pearl, a 1.3 hectare upscale residential area. Providing a high-quality, modern and green-landing environment. The school facilities integrate modern, technologic equipped classrooms with a diverse recreational complex. Our school includes an playground, indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, gymnasium, library, cafeteria and function rooms (laboratory, music, art, dance, life-skill, ICT, Makerspace…). 

We honor the dignity of human beings as a top priority, which means that students are always of central importance and they will be led to honesty, goodness and beauty. Therefore, our educational approaches guide us to:

▪         Apply appropriate up-to-date educational methods and at the same time get rid of the conventional ways of teaching. The use of the traditional content-based learning will give way to skill-based learning;

▪         We will also put our effort into developing individual excellences among our teachers, staff and students.

The faith that Parents, Students and society have in us motivates us to continue our journey and make the dreams come true.