Based on our core values, the School Board and faculty have identified the following as skills Wellspring students are expected to possess upon graduation from Wellspring Saigon:

Intellectual, Physical and Artistic Development

–          Preparation for post-secondary learning opportunities in college and beyond;

–          Critical thinking, problem solving, and use of creative solutions;

–          Application of skills across the curriculum;

–          Understanding the importance of connections between mind and body.

Effective Communication Skills

–          Writing clearly, concisely, and in diverse genres;

–          Reading with comprehension and application;

–          Speaking clearly, concisely and articulately;

–          Actively listening with understanding.

Community and Character Growth

–          Possessing multidimensional views;

–          Respecting and understanding diverse peoples, cultures and perspectives;

–          Contributing talents and time to improve the school and community;

–          Balancing a challenging schedule of work, activities, leisure and family time.

Technology and Media Skills

–          Ability to apply the appropriate technology to solve problems;

–          Adeptness using current technology for research and communication;